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The Roman armies defeated the Durotriges and consolidated their military victories by establishing firm control by constructing Forts from with they managed the area and relied on for protection. There are Roman forts at Waddon Hill, Stoke Abbot, and Lake near Wimborne (no doubt there are others which might be revealed in the future) . At Hod Hill a Roman fort was built within a Ancient British Hill Fort; this was abandoned in AD 50 suggesting that after a few year Roman occupation the region had been pacified and was accustomed to the Roman way of life.

The above aerial view is of Rawlsbury, Stoke Wake, Dorset and the following image is of the excavation within Maiden Castle were the hurriedly buried remains of Durotriges were excavated.

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Hod Hill, Stourpaine, Dorset

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Eggardon, Askerswell, Dorset

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Pilsdon Pen, Dorset

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Maiden Castle. The Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry camped to the north of Maiden Castle.

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