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Deir el Medina. Picture of the great pit which is to the north of the village of Deir el Medina.  This picture doesn't give justice to the pit's depth which is over 100 feet and very sheer. 

Originally excavated as a walk-down well and then re-used as a rubbish pit by the village.  Access to the bottom is via a winding path.  The excavation of the pit yielded a treasure in Ostracon ands daily garbage - which has helped provide a window into the people's lives.  This is incredibly so rare to have a view on the day-to-day lives of non-royal individuals in antiquity. Bernard Bruyère excavated the village and surrounding area in 1922-40 and 1945-51. He found over 5000 limestone ostraca in the pit. Bruyère also found the Library of Kenherkhepshef.

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