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Sety's temple at Abydos. The structure on the right is the remaining part of the second portico, the entrance pylon and enclosing first portico are nearly totally destroyed.

The temple was built by Sety but completed by Ramesses II, his son and successor. Within the structure, at the most sacred rear of the temple, there are seven chapels dedicated to Sety, Ptah, Re-Horakhty, Amun, Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Six chapels have false-doors but the door in the Osiris chapel led to another group of rooms which run parallel behind the chapels. The structure of the temple is constructed in a similar style to Sety's mortuary temple on the west-bank at Thebes.

Behind Sety's temple and on the same axis, with an underground passageway connecting it, to the Osierion. It was mainly decorated by Sty's grandson Merenptah and it acted as a cenotaph (or empty tomb), including a pseudo sarcophagus and canopic chest, for Sety and the whole above ground temple was Sety's mortuary temple. A secondary room had ceiling scenes of astronomical texts and funerary texts and representations of the sky-goddess Nut.


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