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Hypocephalus is inscribed for Tashenkhons

Two Hypocephali

The Hypocephalus, a disk of gesso-covered linen (more rarely bronze), was placed under the head of a mummy and was inscribed with pictures of the underworld and spells naming the deceased. It was intended to kindle head beneath the head in the next life, as described in Chapter 162 of the Book of the Dead. The spell is sometimes included among the inscription on the disk:

"You have set the flame under the head of Re and he is in the divine Netherworld in Heliopolis... Come to the Osiris [deceased name]. Cause to come into being a flame beneath his head..."

The Hypocephalus is inscribed for Tashenkhons, daughter of Khonsardais, Late Period. The bottom Hypocephalus is inscribed for Tashenhapy, daughter of Teos, Late Period.

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Hypocephalus is inscribed for Tashenkhons, daughter of Khonsardais

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