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Painted low-relief limestone relief from the Giza tomb G 2150 of Kanefer, dating to the 4th Dynasty. The fragments originate from the entrance doorway of his tomb's chapel. The central scene is Kanefer being shown a papyrus roll by the scribe Wehemka, possibly with a list of his estate's produce which would support Kanefer in eternity. Behind Wehemka is a seated scribe with a couple of ink pens held in his hair. Other scenes include Kanefer's funerary priests who are making offerings of incense, clothing etc. The black and white photo, from the Giza Archive Project's web site (which is a truly fantastic resource) has photos of the relief and other photos & reports dating from the tomb's excavation in 1912. The relief were originally either side of the chapel's doorway and the photo shows a gap where they would have been placed.

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Boston Museum of Fine Art.

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