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Limestone statue of Hetep-Heres II (mother) and Meres-Ankh III (daughter) from their tomb G 7530-7540 at Giza, dating to the 4th Dynasty. Paired statues of mother and daughters are common (but less so that husband and wife pairs). Queen Hetep-Heres was a daughter of King Khufu and was married to Prince Kawab. Meres-Ankh is known to have died before her mother and was married to King Khafra (builder of the second great pyramid at Giza) and the statue was a gift from her mother.

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The tomb's inscriptions in-part says "An offering which Anubis, Lord of the Divine Land, gives. A good burial before the Great God, that funerary offerings go forth to her of bread, beer, cakes, and cattle on every festival and every day as a royal boon. That there is dedicated to her a choice of selection of offerings of birds and cattle, because she has grown gracefully old and is noble in the sight of Anubis, foremost of the Divine Booth.".

Boston Museum of Fine Art. Click here for a full transliteration and translation of the inscriptions.

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