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The Panels of Hesire

Six wooden panels were found in niches of the brick tomb of Hesire at Saqqara.  He was "Chief Architect" and "Chief Dentist" in the reign of Djoser (Netjerikhet, 2667-2648 bc, 3rd Dynasty). 

The panels are carved with fine reliefs of hieroglyphics as well as figures of Hesire in different poses and at different ages. He also wears different wigs and has a fine moustache.  His exaggerated tall torso is well modelled and the collar-bones are emphasised.  He wears a belted short kilt with decorated overfold in his only garment.  His left hand holds a long staff and the scribal outfit of a palette with discs of red and black pigments, a long pen holder and a small leather bad for more supplies - and his right hand hold the sceptre of authority and power.  The panels are carved from wood and his tomb is at Saqqara.

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