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Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt. Peristyle Hall

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Picture 241001The colonnades of Edfu's Peristyle hall, Court of Offerings, are constructed with paired columns with capitals of varied types.  This picture is facing west with the pylon to the left.  The doorway exits the temple to the large range of temple buildings outside (to the west).  The image to the left is of the doorway from the outside looking into the temple.


The court is now paved in the manner of its original surface.


left outside of edfu
West view from outside temple showing temple store-houses and workshops.  It is known that there existed a sacred lake, accommodation for priests and administrative buildings, as well as the grove of the sacred falcon, store rooms, stables, kitchens etc. To the south-west of the temple is thought to be the Behedet, the necropolis of the primeval gods and the tomb of Osiris.

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