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2005-mar-11 719

The Mayer Papyrus B, c.1108-1099 BC.

This single page of papyrus is inscribed in hieratic, records part of the evidence given at the trial of a group of tomb robbers during the reign of Rameses X (Khepermaatra Setepenra, ruled 1108-1099 BC). The testimony of both the accused and the witnesses was given under oath after their feet had been beaten. 

This extract gives part of a dispute between the thieves, and the tomb of Rameses VI (Nebmaatra Meryamun, ruled 1143-1136 BC) is mentioned.  Like the larger fragments known as Meyer Papyrus A, which is concerned with the robbery of other royal tombs and records the names of judges and witnesses, Mayer Papyrus B was brought to England by Rev. H Stobart and was later purchased by Joseph Mayer of Liverpool.

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