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Thutmose III (Menkheperra) 1


Greywacke statue of Thutmose III (Men-Kheper-Ra, ruled c.1479-1425 BC) from Karnak. The 90cm statue was found in the Karnak cachette in 1904.

The statue is of a exceptionally high standard and has a soft quality that makes it seem very human. He is standing with his left foot forward and is holding symbols of authority.  He is wearing the Nemes head-dress and it has a Uraeus and royal beard.  He is also wearing a kilt, and a belt with his name in a cartouche.  The face portrays Thutmose as 'eternally young'.

The Karnak Cachette is the largest ever find of statues dating from Early Dynastic to the Greco-Roman period. Georges Legrain, working under the supervision of Gaston Maspero unearthed the cachette in 1904 by chance in the Courtyard of the Karnak temple at Luxor (ancient Thebes). the finds included the famous statue Tutankhamun as the god Khonsu.

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