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horemheb, before amun 1Statue of a diminutive Horemheb standing before before Amun.  Carved in Diorite from the Luxor Temple.  The statue is 152 cm high.

Amun's hand is resting on Horemheb's crown. Horemheb is wearing the Nemes head-dress, Uraeus on his forehead and is holding a crook against his chest - the left hand is holding a scroll.

Amun is wearing the characteristic crown with two tall feathers. The throne has a papyrus thicket surrounded by  a patterned freeze.  The back of the pillar is inscribed with a column of hieroglyphs flanked by two palm-leaves., each ending with the sign hfm (meaning great number of years) and sn referring to Horemheb as the ruler of all the sun encircles. The text reads "live the perfect god, images of Re, king of upper and lower Egypt, lord of the two lands, lord of action, Djeser-Khepru-Re Setep-en-Re, son of Re, of his body his beloved Horemheb-Mery-Amun given life like Re eternally.

horemheb, before amun 2 horemheb, before amun 3

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