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horemheb, before amun 4

King Horemheb kneeling before Atum. Carved in Diorite, Atum is 171cm high and Horemheb is 83cm.

The statues of Horemheb and Atum fit into recesses in the base (maybe to make moving the tableau easier.  Horemheb is holding two spherical vessels and is wearing the Nemes head-dress, uraeus, royal beard, shendyt-kilt and sandals. The inscriptions say King Lord of the two lands (Djeser-Khepru-Re Setep-en-Re Heka-Maat). Atum is sitting on a throne wearing the double crown, long wig and a curved beard.  His right hand is holding an Ankh.  Each side of the throne is decorated with two Nile God which represent the unification of upper and lower Egypt, the lily on the right and the papyrus on the left. 

The back of Atum an inscription saying words spoken by Atum, lord of the two lands: by beloved son, lord of the two lands, Djeser-Khepru-Re Horemheb-Mry-en-Amun, have given thee.

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