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Akhenaten, early in his reign, constructed a number of temples at Karnak. These employed the characteristic art of his period and were also constructed with small blocks (known as Talatat). After the Amarna Period the temples were dismantled, but in keeping with other 'buried' sacred objects, were re-used or hidden within newly built Pylons at Karnak. Thousands of these Talatat blocks have been discovered and they are partially reconstructed in the Luxor Museum. The scenes have common themes including the day-to-day life of the common people. Akhenaten is also prominent and he is shown receiving the rays of the Aten and praising the Aten. His monotheism defined that only he could talk to the god Aten as God's sole representative on earth - the rest of the people had to worship Akhenaten. In scene where Nefertiti and their daughters we can relate this to the Triad of gods often shown is other periods (such as Amun, Mut and Khonsu).

Luxor Museum, Egypt.

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