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Metropolitan NY Nov-2005 1017

Red Jasper face from a Composite Statue of a Pharaoh, 18th Dynasty probably during the reign of Thutmose IV
These fragments are from a composite statue with "skin made of red jasper. Although the composition of statues from various different stone materials was preferred during the Amarna period, this work may be dated earlier on stylistic grounds. Especially close are representations of King Thutmose IV grandfather of Akhenaten of Amarna.
Fragments of this face were dispersed in various collections but in 1993 it became possible to reunite the original parts through an exchange with the Petrie Museum, London, and a long-term loan from the Louvre, Pans. The full statue probably had a garment of white alabaster, face, hands, and feet of red jasper; and a crown of blue glass
or faience with rich gilding.

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