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Metropolitan NY Nov-2005 0561

Stela of Wahankh Intef II from his Theban Tomb (Metropolitan Museum 13.182.3).

A finely carved limestone stela, 42.5 cm square. The inscription consists of two hymns addressed by the king to Re and Hathor, respectively. The hymn to Re, preceded by the prayer for offerings, is written in six horizontal lines across the upper third of the stela. The hymn to Hathor is written in nine columns on the lower right side. In the lower left comer is the standing figure of the king, holding a bowl of beer and ajar of milk as offerings to the two gods. In the upper third of the stela the left edge of the stone is broken away, and on the right side the beginning of the first line is missing. The first hymn is an evening song addressed to the setting sun, the second a song to Hathor, goddess of the sky and mistress of love. Both are very fine poetry.

First hymn; is an evening song addressed to the setting sun (written in six horizontal lines across the upper part of the stela)
An offering which the king gives (and) Osiris: an offering of a thousand of bread and beer, a thousand of ointment jars and clothing, a thousand of everything good, to one honoured by Re-Atum in his evenings, honoured by Hathor who nurses the dawn.
He says: Will you depart, father Re, before you commend me? Will sky conceal you before you commend me?
Commend me to night and those dwelling in it, so as to find me among your adorers 0 Re, who worship you at your risings, who lament at your settings.
May night embrace me, midnight shelter me by your command, 0 Re I am your deputy, you made me lord of life, undying.
Commend me to night's early hours. May they place their guard upon me; Commend me to early dawn. May he put his guard about me; I am the nursling of early dawn, I am the nursling of night's early hours, Born at night, whose life is made in darkness, whose fear besets the herds with back-turned horns. With your eye's red glow as my protection You find me hailing your approach
Second Hymn; to Hathor goddess of the sky and mistress of love (written in nine vertical columns on the right side)
O you lords of the western sky,
O you gods of the western sky,
O you who rule the shores of the western sky, Who rejoice at Hathor's coming, who love to see her beauty rise I let her know, I say at her side That I rejoice in seeing her, my hands do come to me, come to me, my body says, my lips repeat: holy music for Hathor, music a million times, Because you love music, million times music to your ka wherever you are, I am he who makes the singer waken music for Hathor, every day at any hour she wishes.
May your heart be at peace with music, may you proceed in goodly peace, may you rejoice in life and gladness With Horus who loves you, Who feasts with you on your foods, Who eats with you of the offerings, may you admit me to it every day, Horus Wahankh, honoured by Osiris, Son of Re, Intef, born of Nefru.

Source: Ancient Literature Volume I: The Old and Middle Kingdom by Miriam Lichtheim

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