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Raneb, 2nd Dynasty

Ra-Neb is identified in with Kakau and Kaichos (Manetho) and is thought to be the second king of the 2nd Dynasty. His tomb has not been found but jar sealings have been found in the subterranean galleries near the pyramid of Unas (5th Dynasty) at Saqqara, so maybe the tomb is in that vicinity.  On an ancient trade route to the western oasis behind Armant, Ra-Neb's name has been found crudely inscribed on rocks.

Manetho wrote that during Ra-Neb's reign the worship of bulls of Apis at Memphis and of Mnevis at Heliopolis and the goat of Mendes were established.  However it is known that the Apis bulls were worshiped in the 1st Dynasty so Manetho's information may be questioned.  Also Manetho wrote that he reigned for 39 years.

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