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Amenemhat II, ruled 1911-1877 BC during the 12th Dynasty

amenemhat ii
Name MdeC Transliteration Translation Meaning
Horus Hr Hkn m mAat Hr Hkn m mAat Hor Hekenmaat Horus, one who is praised with Maat
Nebti Hkn m mAat Hkn m mAat Nebti Hekenmaat Two Ladies, one who is praised with Maat
Golden bik nbw mAa xrw bik nbw mAa xrw Bik nebw Maakheru Golden  Falcon, True of Voice
Prenomen nbw kAw ra nbw kAw ra Nubkaure Kas of Re are Golden
Nomen imn m HAt imn m HAt Amenemhat Amen is the foremost
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