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Hatshepsut, ruled 1473-1458 BC

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Inscribed block representing Queen Hatshepsut as a woman standing in the presence of Amun - Luxor Museum
Head of a statue of Hatshepsut - Metropolitan Museum
Ostracon of Senenmut - Metropolitan Museum
Hatshepsut as a Sphinx, Metropolitan Museum
Hatshepsut, Metropolitan Museum
Hatshepsut kneeling making offering of beer, Metropolitan Museum
Deir el Bahri temple in western Thebes
Faience Scarahold - LA
Limestone relief of a woman with a lotus flower - LA

Friday, March 24, 2006 - Hatshepsut mummy found

The true mummy of ancient Egyptian queen Hatshepsut was discovered in the third floor of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Secretary General of Supreme Council for Antiquities Zahi Hawwas revealed on Thursday.

The mummy was missing among thousands of artifacts lying in the museum, he said during his lecture at the New York-based Metropolitan Museum of Arts.

He said for decades archaeologists believed that a mummy found in Luxor was that of the Egyptian queen. It was a streak of luck, he said, to find this mummy.

The Metropolitan is hosting a Hatshepsut exhibition that displays 270 artifacts on the life history of the queen.

The American museum honoured Hawwas and his accompanying delegation in appreciation of their effort to unravel the mysteries of the Egyptian Pharaohnic age.
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