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Teos, ruled 362-360 BC

Teos was the second ruler of the 30th Dynasty. He was also known as Tachos to some Greek writers. His father was the previous ruler, Nectanebo I (Kheperkara).
When he took the thrown, he planned to attack the Persians and recruited the assistance of Greek mercenaries. The Greeks were led by the old Spartan King Agesilaus who brought 1,000 hoplites and was also joined by the Athenian Chabrias. Teos's Generals disagreed with his plans of attack on Phoenicia in 360 BC and the whole campaign was a failure - he was deserted by both the Greeks and the Egyptians. Nekhtharehbe, supported by the Greeks, assumed the thrown and returned to Egypt as King. He ruled as Nectanebo II (Senedjemibra setepenanhur, c360-343 BC).
Teos fled to Persia, and was given refuge by Artaxerxes II, where he died in exile.
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Faience saucer from the palace of Apries in Memphis, cartouche of Teos - Petrie Museum

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