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rosicrucian museum, San Jose, May-2005, 213

Relief of Akhenaten from Amarna
Fragment of a carved wall relief showing the head and arms of King Akhenaten, Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten (Neferkheperurawaenra), as he makes offerings before his god, the Sun-Disk called the Aten. In his left hand he holds an incense burner and in his right an Ankh-shaped (life symbol) sacred water vessel for dedicating food offerings.

The slightly curved surface indicates that this scene was part of column in a major public building at Akhenaten (Tell el Amarna) the king's new capitol city middle Egypt. Notice the two cartouches with his god's names on his left forearm. The king's eyes and mouth have been defaced, but the ear show its prominent piercing.

Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, California.

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