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Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

"Hieroglyphs" refer to the characters made by graphical figures of people, animals and objects and they were used to write Ancient Egyptian texts from before 3,000 BC until 300 AD. These text, typically used for religious purposed (i.e. sacred texts), evolved over time into a complex and descriptive form of writing. 10,000+ words have been collected into a 400+ page PDF file, using information found from various sources such as Gardiner and Faulkner.

Ancient Egyptian Dictionary (2.9 Mb PDF file)

Note: If you can't see an S with an upside down V above it inside the brackets (S) then you need some additional fonts for your PC. Without these font the PDF file will not be able to display the transliterated information. Here is a link to the font file, which can install or save (into your font directory, often c:\windows\Fonts\). You will need to re-load this page to see the new fonts.

Searching PDF Files for specific words or text

PDF files can be searched using Ctrl-F or Shift-Ctrl-F (this is a useful feature that lists all matches in a side window).

This also works for Transliteration; e.g. to Find (Ancient Egyptian inscription for 'Friendly') you can search for sbT Hr (case insensitive) using the Manual de Codage system. The same applies for the Gardiner (see full sign list), which are separated by a dash.


Many different people have made corrections and additions to this Ancient Egyptian Dictionary; please join them in making this into more comprehensive resource for all...


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