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Part of a 12th Dynasty door jamb inscribed with the name of Senusret I (Kheperkara, ruled 1956-1911 BC). The fragment comes from a temple of the god Min built by Amenemhat I (Sehetepibra, ruled 1985-1956 BC) and Senusret I at Koptos, but was found lying outside a later 18th Dynasty temple of Thutmose III (Menkheperra, ruled 1479-1425 BC). The surviving part of the inscription records the building work undertaken by "The Horus Living of Mamifestations, the Son of Re, Senusret, beloved of Min of Koptos". The figure of the god himself appears in both columns of text, standing before his shrine (at the right) and before a plot of lettuces (at the left).

Kings List of the 12th Dynasty.

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